Skoči na vsebino


Medregionalni projekti so namenjeni skupini držav iz različnih geografskih regij, ki imajo podobne potrebe in jih rešujejo na podobne načine.  

Seznam medregionalnih projektov, ki trenutno še potekajo:

  • INT/0/064 Thematic Planning for Technical Cooperation Projects
  • INT/0/081 Support for Human Capacity Building in Developing Member States
  • INT/0/082 Increasing the Use of the Expertise and Training Capacities Available in Member State Resource Institutions
  • INT/0/083 Support for Human Capacity Building in Developing Member States
    INT/1/055 Support for Human Capacity Building in the Utilization and Operation of the Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science and Applications for the Middle East (SESAME)
  • INT/4/142 Promoting Technology Development and Application of Future Nuclear Energy Systems in Developing Countries
  • INT/5/150 Responding to the Transboundary Threat of Wheat Black Stem Rust (Ug99)
  • INT/6/054 Strengthening Medical Physics in Radiation Medicine
  • INT/7/016 Receptor Binding Assay for Harmful Algal Toxins
  • INT/7/017 Providing Coordinated Support in the Use of Receptor Binding Assay to Address Impacts of Harmful Algal Toxins in Seafood
  • INT/7/018 Supporting Capacity Building in Marine Environmental Protection
    INT/9/173 Training in Radioactive Waste Disposal Technologies in Underground Research Facilities.

Seznam medregionalnih projektov za obdobje 2012 – 2013:

  • INT/0/086 Building Human Capacity for the Construction, Operation and Use of SESAME
  • INT/0/087 Supporting Human Capacity Building in Developing Member States (Phase II)
  • INT/0/088 Use of Nuclear Techniques for Conservation and Preservation of World Cultural Heritage
  • INT/1/056 Supporting Non-Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) Molybdenum-99 Production Capacity for Nuclear Medicine Application
  • INT/2/013 Supporting Nuclear Power Infrastructure Capacity Building in Member States Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power
  • INT/2/014  Supporting Member States to Evaluate Nuclear Reactor Technology for Near-Term Deployment
  • INT/2/015 Supporting Uranium Exploration, Resource Augmentation and Protection Using Advanced Techniques
  • INT/2/016 Supporting Climate Change Mitigation Strategies and Energy Options
    INT/2/017 Capacity Building in Long-range Strategic Nuclear Energy Planning for Global Sustainability
  • INT/5/151 Sharing Knowledge on the Use of the Sterile Insect and Related Techniques for Integrated Area-Wide Management of Insect Pests
  • INT/5/152 Supporting Mutation Breeding Impact Assessment
  • INT/6/055 Supporting Distance Assisted Training for Nuclear Medicine Technologies
  • INT/6/056 Supporting Quality Management Audits in Nuclear Medicine Practices (QUANUM)
  • INT/9/174 Connecting Networks for Enhanced Communication and Training
    INT/9/175 Promoting Safe and Efficient Clean-Up of Radioactively Contaminated Facilities and Sites
  • INT/9/176 Strengthening Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources in the Mediterranean Region
  • INT/9/177 Characterization and Disposal of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste
  • INT/9/178 Smart Card/SmartRadTrack – Long Term Recording of Patient Doses in Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures
  • INT/9/179 Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF).