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Cyber security at nuclear facilities

On 15th of January, SNSA organized the first national exercise on cyber security at nuclear facilities KIVA2019. Exercise was attended by participants from all key stakeholders in nuclear sector: nuclear facility operators, competent authorities, technical support organizations and suppliers of computer equipment.

Modern way of life depends on electricity, information technologies, web and connectivity between different information systems. Therefore, this connectivity positively influences our private life activities and work processes, but there is also a negative side to it. It enables malicious acts called cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are common in our everyday lives. However, they can have much larger consequences in a case of critical infrastructure, which nuclear sector is also a part of. The most important case in cyber security history was Stuxnet in 2010. It attacked centrifuges for uranium enrichment and caused physical damage to them. But this is not the only case of cyber-attack at nuclear sector. To avoid these kind of incidents, SNSA is involved in many activities to assure cyber security and consequently also nuclear safety. These activities include developing legislation and regulation, actively participating in domestic and international working groups, cooperating with nuclear facility operators, technical support organizations, suppliers of computer equipment, and performing exercises like KIVA2019.