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IAEA Reviews Slovenia's Emergency Preparedness and Response Framework – EPREV mission

An International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts concluded a mission to review Slovenia’s arrangements for nuclear and radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR). The Emergency Preparedness Review (EPREV) was carried out at the request of the Slovenian Government.

EPREV missions are one of the peer reviews offered by the IAEA to strengthen nuclear safety in Member States. This kind of missions focus on the arrangements and capabilities to prepare for and respond to nuclear and radiological emergencies. EPREV missions are based on the IAEA Safety Standards in nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness response.

The EPREV team identified several strengths during the mission, including:
- There is good coordination between the nuclear power plant operator, local officials, and national officials.
- Specialized tools and communications software for sharing technical data during an emergency have been developed.
- There is sustained commitment to emergency preparedness by all response organizations.

The review team also highlighted areas where further progress is needed, including:
- Developing a monitoring strategy to ensure that resources are coordinated and data is available to decision makers in a timely manner.
- Further strengthening the coordination mechanism to ensure all relevant response organizations are integrated into the planning process.
- Updating national arrangements to include a comprehensive protection strategy for all nuclear and radiological hazards in the country.
- Conducting frequent drills and exercises to test arrangements for radiological emergencies.


The Government intends to adopt an action plan to address the findings and to host a follow-up EPREV mission in approximately three years.